YouTube Shorts expands to UK, Latin America and more countries


YouTube’s TikTok-style ‘Shorts’ feature is picking up steam, having launched in India last year, then in the US this March. It’s now generating more than 6.5bn daily video views, but that number will be rising quickly, as YouTube Shorts is expanding geographically again.

The UK, Canada and Latin America will be the next territories to get Shorts, which will roll out to users there by the end of June.

TechCrunch talked to YouTube about the launch, including the availability of “millions” of licensed songs from the recorded music and publishing arms of all three major labels, as well as various independents.

YouTube is also launching another feature for Shorts: the ability to sample audio from any YouTube video. Well, any YouTube video that hasn’t had the ‘allow people to sample this content’ checkbox unticked, so rightsholders do have an opt-out for their content if they don’t want people to be using it for Shorts.

Written by: Stuart Dredge