We wrote about the launch of ‘Peloton of boxing’ startup Liteboxer last summer, with its Simon Says-style system of punching lights in time to music. Now the company has announced a $20m Series A funding round, and given more details of where the music is coming from.

The round was led by Nimble Ventures, and takes the company’s total raised so far to $28.5m. Its founders talked to TechCrunch, which explains that the Liteboxer service has an ‘exclusive partnership’ with Universal Music Group, with 100 of the major label’s tracks in rotation for owners of Liteboxer’s device to punch along to. It’s clear that the music is key to the experience.

“We’ve seen trainers with more spin class experience be able to feel the cadence of the music, and know when the beat drop is coming, and craft these programs that are basically an art piece or performance,” said CEO Jeff Morin.

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