Audiomack says 64% of its iOS users opted in to ad tracking


Apple now requires iOS developers to ask users if their apps are allowed to track them across other apps and websites. Early indications are that many people’s response is to decline – as many as 96% according to some reports. Not for music streaming service Audiomack however. The company says that 64% of its iOS users have opted in to this ad tracking.

Industry site Ad Exchanger explains how the company did it: using a ‘pre-prompt’ before the requirements kicked in, putting its case for tracking as part of its business model.

“Opting in means we can show you relevant ads, so your favorite artists are supported when you stream music,” explained one version of the pre-prompt. “Opting in means we can keep the Audiomack platform free for you,” said another. It’s an interesting case study of how a music service is responding to Apple’s new regulations.

Written by: Stuart Dredge