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Spatial audio and lossless music may have grabbed the headlines for Apple Music recently, but behind the scenes Apple is starting a new push for developers to integrate its streaming service into their apps. Its new MusicKit API was shown off to developers at the WWDC event earlier this month, and 9 to 5 Mac has a good writeup of what they’re being told.

Developers can offer people a free trial of Apple Music and earn referral fees if they subscribe, for example. Note the kind of apps that Apple is targeting. “For example, you can make your games a lot more immersive by playing background music that matches the mood of your game,” said Apple engineer Joel Lopes da Silva in a WWDC session focused on MusicKit. “Or you can play upbeat music to keep your users motivated in a fitness app. And in a social media app, you can keep your users even more engaged with content that highlights music.” Which could be interesting: games, fitness and social are exactly the three sectors that labels are looking to as big growth areas for direct licensing…

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