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We are still awaiting the report of the UK parliament’s inquiry into the economics of music streaming, but yesterday we had some news of potential follow-on legislation.

Kevin Brennan MP, one of the members of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee that has been holding the inquiry, presented a bill to the House of Commons yesterday that will receive its second reading on 3 December. Details on what the bill contains are not public yet: we know from the parliament’s Hansard record that it’s called the ‘Copyright (Rights and Remuneration of Musicians, Etc’ bill, and that it will “make provision about the rights and remuneration of musicians and other rights holders; and for connected purposes”.

Presenting it is the first step in the process towards getting a bill debated in the UK’s two houses of parliament, but we’ll have to wait for the committee’s report to get a sense of what the bill might contain. That said, the word ‘remuneration’ in the bill’s title may send a shiver down the spines of labels, given their opposition to the idea of equitable remuneration being applied to streaming…

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