Shazam users are now tagging more than 1bn tracks every month


Apple-owned Shazam has hit some new milestones: more than 1bn tracks are being tagged a month using the app now, taking it past the 50bn mark since its original launch in 2002. More than 51m songs have been tagged overall.

Apple completed its acquisition of Shazam in September 2018, and in November 2020 revealed that the app now had 200 million monthly active users. Yes, maths fans, that means each of those active users is averaging five tags a month.

The app has come a long way since the days (in 2013) when it was being used for 10m tags a day – so around 300m a month. Back then, a key metric was the conversion rate: how many of those tags spurred people to buy the tracks as downloads (10%, according to then head of music content Will Mills). Nowadays Shazam is more about spurring streams rather than sales, although there aren’t any figures available (yet) to show its impact on that front.

Written by: Stuart Dredge