In February we wrote about a brand new app called Podz, which stripped out 60-second clips from podcasts to create an ‘infinite feed’ of listening based on users’ interests. “This is something that would work beautifully within a bigger streaming service too,” we wrote. “If Spotify and co aren’t building it, perhaps one of them will buy it.”

Four months later… Spotify has bought the company. “We believe that Podz’ technology will complement and accelerate Spotify’s focused efforts to drive discovery, deliver listeners the right content at the right time, and accelerate growth of the category worldwide,” announced Spotify. “We plan to integrate Podz’ technology into the Spotify experience, and listeners should start seeing elements of that work before the end of the year.”

The startup had raised $2.5m in pre-seed funding (including from Paris Hilton!) but a price for the acquisition has not yet been announced.

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