Warner Music snaps up David Guetta’s past and future recordings


David Guetta famously maintained ownership of his master recordings, releasing them through licensing agreements. Now he’s making bank on that strategy, selling his back catalogue to Warner Music Group for… well, opinions vary depending which report you read, but around $100m seems to be the consensus. The deal isn’t just for his past recordings, but also covers future music.

Guetta has been working with WMG for a long time on a licensing basis, so this is really a continuation of that partnership. “This deal is about having the best people around me to ensure I can keep innovating with exciting new projects, while also working my extensive catalogue and continuing to build my career,” is how Guetta put it.

Whatever the value of the deal, it sounds like there were several companies in the mix. “A lot of people approached us to express interest in David’s catalogue,” said manager Jean-Charles Carré.


Image by TNS Sofres (CC BY 2.0)

Stuart Dredge

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