Canadian rights agency CMRRA strikes multi-year TikTok deal


When we think about licensing deals for social apps, the agreements with major labels and publishers (or, of course, the public disputes with them) get all the headlines. However, these services also need a tapestry of deals with collecting societies and rights agencies around the world. It’s an area that has given TikTok headaches in the past: its 2019 dispute with licensing hub Ice, for example, although that was settled with a deal the following year.

More harmonious is this week’s announcement of a multi-year deal with the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRAA) covering digital mechanical royalties in Canada. As is now standard for such agreements, it covers past usage of musical works, as well as setting down the terms for future royalty payments. “Not only has the platform fuelled new song discovery but it has given classic songs new life,” said CMRAA president Paul Shaver.

Written by: Stuart Dredge