We’ve written before about the red-tape nightmares facing British musicians wanting to tour the EU (and European musicians wanting to tour the UK. And also about the music industry’s growing anger at the British government’s lack of urgency in working with the EU to fix the problems.

Now a campaign called #LetTheMusicMove is launching to give politicians another nudge, backed by more than 200 prominent artists from Radiohead and the Chemical Brothers to Wolf Alice and Annie Lennox.

Among the campaign’s demands: a ‘transitional support package’ to cover increased post-Brexit costs for touring artists and crews in the EU; measures to tackle ‘cabotage’ rules on British vehicles moving across Europe; a ‘viable long-term plan’ for British artists and crews to continue touring the EU without ‘costly permits and bureaucracy’; and a policy to ‘ensure European artists have reciprocal freedoms and access to perform at UK venues and festivals’.

The campaign website has more information, including some case studies breaking down how some artists’ plans have been impacted by the government’s lack of viable long-term planning so far.

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