Easy Life to play Fortnite in virtual version of The O2 Arena


Epic Games is preparing the next high-profile music event to take place within Fortnite. This time it’s not just putting on a concert: it’s recreating an entire music venue. London’s O2 Arena to be specific, which has been built virtually on its own island in the game’s Creative mode.

Fortnite players can already visit to explore it, but on 24 June “a portal will open up” on the island taking people to watch a performance by British group Easy Life. The 20-minute set sounds like it’ll have a few surprises: “a full-on interactive experience where you’ll constantly be on the move,” as Epic Games put it.

Other interesting aspects: there will be free virtual items, including a ‘lobby track’ (the music that people can choose to have playing while waiting to enter their next match) created by the band. Epic Games has also explained that YouTubers WILL be able to make videos of the experience and monetise them for seven days after the event. However: “For Twitch Creators streaming the experience, we cannot prevent your VOD/clip content from getting flagged by the platform’s copyright detection systems…”

Written by: Stuart Dredge