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Fancy getting your hands on the recommendation algorithm behind TikTok’s famous ‘For You’ feed? You could try to persuade a US president to make parent company ByteDance sell it to you, but we’re not sure if that strategy has much credibility any more.

But wait! ByteDance is now willingly selling – as in licensing – some of the technology developed for its subsidiary.

The Financial Times reported on the launch of a new arm of ByteDance called BytePlus, which is licensing various AI-related technologies including augmented reality effects; machine translation tools; analytics products… and the recommendation engine that “supports 1.5 billion+ users, delivered through leading engineering and modeling capabilities”.

You can read more about that here. So, it’s not the literal ‘For You’ algorithm necessarily, but it’s interesting to see ByteDance looking to build this sort of tech licensing into its business model.

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