Last week, British independent music body Aim held an online panel about the ‘artist growth’ model that it’s proposing as a way to increase streaming royalties for artists further down the earnings pyramid. Now it has made video of the event available, with panelists Will Page, David Safir and Aim boss Paul Pacifico moderated by Deviate Digital’s Sammy Andrews.

It’s a useful explanation of how the model uses ‘progressive scales’ to boost the earnings of the middle class (popularity wise) of artists, as well as a Q&A section where blunt questions (of the ‘isn’t this just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic?’ variety) from viewers were addressed.

The research, commissioned by Aim from Safir and Page, analysed the potential effects of redistributing a slice of revenue from the top 20% of streamed tracks in the UK to the next 30%. “The problem we’re trying to look at is the massive concentration of wealth in the head of the snake, and how we’re trying to push that to the middle market to support more emerging and niche artists,” said Pacifico.

The video and Safir and Page’s presentation can be found here, and the video is embedded below.

YouTube video

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