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Zoe Scaman is the founder of strategy agency Bodacious, and has been researching fandoms and entertainment for some time now. Her ‘The New Fandom Formula‘ deck is well worth a read.

“We’re moving away from social media as reach and breadth and instead moving towards using it for niches and depth,” she writes. “Seeking out deep vertical communities with whom we can share our obsessions, obscure knowledge and weirdness, to be understood and to connect over the stuff we love.”

The deck also explores how tools like Mighty Networks, Discord and Geneva are being used for fan communities, as well as the changing expectations of fans.

“Bubbling up for more indie and experimental artists and groups is the ability for fans to direct their own experience through live navigation tools and voting mechanics, so rather than a carefully constructed event or perfectly polished content, there’s more spontaneity, participation and serendipity, leading to them feeling that they’re a part of the moment or the end mission.”

Quite a bit of the deck is free to view, then it costs £375 to unlock extra case studies; practical tips on putting it all into practice; and the ability to edit the presentation itself.

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