Katy Perry gets into NFTs and takes stake in Theta Labs


Theta Labs is one of the faster-growing companies in the blockchain/crypto space, thanks to the popularity of its Theta token. “A little over a year ago, Theta traded for 4 cents. It’s now around $6,” as Bloomberg noted in a report on the company’s plans to get into NFTs.

There’s a music angle here too: Katy Perry is not only one of its first clients, but she is also taking a stake in the company. There are more details on her plans in this Coindesk story: Perry’s NFTs will be launched around her upcoming Las Vegas residency, and will be based on the concerts.

“My fans can own a special moment of my residency that’s both a digital collectible as well as an IRL experience,” was how she described it in a statement.

That hints at the NFTs being bundled with ticket sales, or perhaps offering seats at the concerts as rewards, Kings of Leon-style. Fans can pre-register here for more details ahead of the NFTs going on sale in the final quarter of this year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge