Dr Poppy Crum is the chief scientist at Dolby Laboratories, whose Dolby Atmos technology is currently riding high as part of Apple’s push into spatial audio. As such, Crum has a brain well worth picking on what’s coming next in the fields of immersive audio and hearable gadgets, and Abbey Road Red has been doing the picking.

“I’m very interested to see what the role of the hearable is in immersive environments – what is an augmented experience for music? Hearable hardware can also become an augmented layer of information, a constant part of our day providing us with reactive, closed-loop, interactions with our technologies and our environments,” she said.

“Within the ear, hearable devices can leverage sensors to capture incredibly rich insight about the state of our bodies and brains as we interact with our environments. What can we do to enhance the experience of the listener or creatively in our music when our technology has insight to our real-time engagement and experiences? How do we integrate the hearable in our ear into our other listening experiences with the speakers that surround us or other elements in our environments?”

There’s more in the full blog post.

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