Roc Nation buys tokens from Sensorium ahead of VR world launch


Startup Sensorium Corporation is preparing to launch its Sensorium Galaxy virtual world – or rather a series of virtual worlds, including some with music as their focus. It’s also persuading music companies to get involved by purchasing its ‘Senso’ tokens ahead of the launch. The latest is Roc Nation, which has bought an undisclosed amount of the tokens.

Sensorium said that the move is “giving their artists a chance to potentially benefit from global content distribution through Sensorium Galaxy and safeguard ownership rights on all of their digital content” – althouh the ‘potentially’ there indicates that there is still work to do around those goals.

Roc Nation isn’t the first Jay-Z related company to buy Senso tokens, though. Tidal bought $7m of them in August last year.

Written by: Stuart Dredge