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We covered most of the sessions at the UK’s recent parliamentary inquiry into the economics of streaming music, and now we’re waiting for the publication of the committee behind it’s report.

We don’t have to wait much longer: the report will be published next Thursday (15 July), according to an announcement this morning. While no details have leaked yet on the report’s contents, we suspect that the private member’s bill tabled by one of the politicians on the committee, Kevin Brennan MP, offers some clues.

“The law on copyright states that if you performed on a record that is played on the radio you are entitled to a payment. That same right does not apply in the UK if your recording is listened to on a streaming service like Spotify,” wrote Brennan last month. “My bill would bring the law up to date by creating a new right for musicians to an additional share of the revenue from streaming.”

Equitable remuneration seems to be on the table, then, but the report will offer a full explanation of how the committee wants to see the economics of streaming reformed. And THEN the real lobbying starts over whether those recommendations become law…

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