PricewaterhouseCoopers has been publishing its latest forecasts for the media industry, including some numbers on the growth of consumer spending on video streaming. Note the ‘consumer spending’ part of that: this is about subscriptions and other digital purchases, but advertising is not included. Even so, the general message is: stonks!

The company predicts that by 2025, spending on ‘OTT video’ will grow by 60% to $94bn, split $81bn for subscription and $13bn for other ‘transactional’ spending. However, PwC also offered a warning that people’s appetite for multiple video streaming subscriptions is not limitless, especially with a potentially slower economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic ahead.

“As consumer attention is going to get more and more fragmented and folks go back outside, that $5.99 that they may have been willing to spend or $7.99 on the fourth or fifth streaming service or that cable subscription may get reviewed,” PwC’s CJ Bangah told The Hollywood Reporter.

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