We have seen artists sell off portions of their recorded music and publishing rights, but now Italian band Le Vibrazioni are exploring fans’ appetite for buying a slice of their image rights. The band, with music firm Artist First, will be using the ANote Music marketplace to do it.

Fans buying into the offer will get a share of the band’s image-rights royalties from live appearances over the next five years. And yes, we’re still enmeshed in a pandemic that has hammered the live music industry, but according to Artist First and ANote Music, Le Vibrazioni are still planning to play around 180 concerts and other events.

“The portion of the catalogue listed on the platform, pro-quota generated royalties averaging €45,501.64 in the last 3 years (2018-2020),” explained ANote. “With a listing valuation of €125,000 the listing is set at an entry multiple of 2.77 over the last 3 years’ average royalties, resulting in an expected yield (yearly IRR, employing constant 3-year average royalties) of 23.59%.”

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