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YouTube is adding some useful new features for people livestreaming on its service, although it’s fair to say they’re catching up with Twitch to some extent.

The three new features are clips, polls and subscribers-only chat. The first will let viewers create their own 5-60 second clips of livestreams to share on YouTube and other social apps. Note, for now this feature is only available for gaming creators with more than 1,000 subscribers: for understandable reasons, rolling it out for musicians would take a lot more work behind the scenes.

Polls will be available for all streamers on YouTube though, with live polls in streams and premieres to ask viewers what they think. Subscribers-only chat is a way to make the live chat for paying fans only, with settings defining how long they need to have been a subscriber to take part. It’s all interesting, and shows how the competition in livestreaming is continuing to drive new feature development.

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