If you do, it’s your lucky day – as long as you’ve got $2.3m to spare. Royalty Exchange’s latest auction is a slice of the rights to songs from the Shrek movie franchise, including all four films and its holiday TV special.

“The catalog generates royalties when the films air on TV, is streamed online, when this music is streamed in the films’ soundtracks and anytime the music plays on Shrek’s theme park rides,” according to Royalty Exchange.

The specific slice of rights being sold generated just over $235k in the last 12 months, so it’s no surprise to see a list price of $2.3m, although the highest bid at the time of writing is $1.9m.

As ever with these auctions, the numbers published alongside it are pretty interesting. This particular set of rights generated $159.4m in 2016 before a big jump to $214.8m in 2017, then fell back to $161.6m in 2018 before growing to $176.8m in 2019, then another big bounce to $235m in 2020. Fittingly for Shrek, that’s a lot of greenbacks.

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