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Grace Weber is the first artist to test a new WebXR (browser-based AR and VR) platform called Cybr, developed by a startup led by former Universal Music Group exec Monica Hyacinth.

Weber held a listening party for her new album ‘A Beautiful Space’ in a virtual music studio created by the company. Fans could attend as avatars, with a live video stream of Weber playing songs and answering questions.

Hyacinth, who is co-founder and CEO of Cybr, told Music Ally more about its plans. “We’re bringing photo-realistic, cross-browser, experiences straight to your desktop and mobile,” she said. “No app download, no VR headset or game console needed. We want everyone to be able to be part of the metaverse.”

The Grace Weber listening party, which can still be visited online, included a 3D volumetric capture of the artist to greet fans, and also used spatial audio for its voice chat feature.

“It allowed fans to move in and out of conversation with each other as they explored the virtual studio, so it really felt like being there in person,” said Hyacinth.

“After the live stream ended, Grace joined the studio as an avatar and walked around meeting many of her fans for the first time ever. It really felt like you were part of a very special moment, and that this created a lasting memory for both the artist and her fans.”

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The party also included a virtual jukebox, which played the new album directly from Spotify, and a mirror for fans to admire their avatars in. Hyacinth said that the startup is planning to run more of these events to test its tech out.

“We’re planning to launch lots more spectacular music experiences using new and very different concepts. We’re  excited about working with artists to reimagine ways to connect with their global fanbase through visually stunning virtual worlds and gamified interactions,” she said.

“Our goal is to push the boundaries of immersive technology and multiplayer functionality to the max, while making these experiences accessible through a simple web browser.”

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