YouTube’s latest tipping feature focuses on individual videos


YouTube viewers already have three ways to support their favourite creators by paying: Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel subscriptions. Now there’s a fourth, Super Thanks, and unlike the first two above, it isn’t restricted to being used during livestreams.

This feature has actually been in testing since February this year, initially under the name of ‘applause’. Now rebranded as Super Thanks, it’s a way for fans to “express their gratitude and show support” for individual videos.

“They will see an animated GIF and, as an added bonus, get a distinct, colourful comment to highlight their purchase, which creators can respond to,” announced YouTube.

Super Thanks can be bought at four price points, ranging from $2 to $50 (including in local currencies in 68 countries) and will work on desktop and mobile YouTube. For now it’s in beta, but is opening up to “thousands” more channels this week.


Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Written by: Stuart Dredge