2021 is also fertile fundraising territory for any startup involved in the livestreaming world, with LiveControl the latest to announce a big funding round. It has raised $30m of Series A funding from a group of VC firms for its remote video production and livestreaming service, which is already being used by a number of venues in the US to stream music, comedy, theatre and religious events.

The company told TechCrunch that it will be using the funding to expand rapidly (“from 40 people to 120 over the next year and a half”). The pitch here is: “What if you could snap your fingers and an entire video product crew would appear, for just $150?”

There is competition though: several livestreaming startups have been offering to help venues get kitted out for streaming, as the live industry continues to mull how best to run ‘hybrid’ live events with crowds in the venue, and more viewers online.

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