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In our story on TikTok’s new livestreaming features, we mentioned the emphasis on creators teaming up to broadcast as duos. That theme extends beyond livestreams on the short-video app too. TikTok has launched a new challenge, #DuetRoulette, which it hopes will get artists collaborating with their fans more.

British rapper Aitch is first to host the challenge, making an instrumental version of his latest single available for TikTokers to record their own verses over and post them on the app. This Friday (30 July) he will host a livestream from his TikTok profile, accompanied by some of the creators he’s picked out from the challenge.

TikTok is describing Aitch as “the first ever #DuetRoulette host”, which clearly points to more artists taking that role in the weeks and months ahead. This all builds on previous examples of TikTok’s duets feature being used for music: Yungblud recently got a fan into the studio to re-record one of his tracks with him after a TikTok duet, while the feature has also been used for a Queen challenge.

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