Revelator opens up decentralised music rights platform, Original Works


Copyright management platform Revelator has launched a web app for music distribution and royalties, which includes an artist wallet that connects to its Original Works platform. It’s a user-friendly interface that allows rightsholders to register their creative intellectual property, then use the wallet app to manage metadata, assign splits, request or send payments, and collect royalty streams on a daily basis.

The wallet, which was originally announced at Music Ally and Music Biz’s NY:LON Connect summit in 2019, uses all the decentralised, tokenised, blockchainified tech needed to create these kind of quick and automated contractual agreements. But what’s meaningful here is that a lot of the more alienating language and technology is kept away from the artists and songwriters who use it.

Instead, the app creates a blockchain-ified industry that most people working within it will intuitively grasp. Users can focus on tangible things like fast payments, automatic revenue shares, trackable usage of rights, and easy-to-set ownership, rather than tokens, Ether, gwei, block hashes and so on. (You can see the app in use here.)

This is in line with what we’ve considered to be the most likely future of NFTs and blockchain in the music industry: a protocol layer offering ease, speed and increased control – assuming the interface is right.

Written by: Joe Sparrow