Plex taps ‘sonic similarity’ for music recommendation features


Back in 2015, a popular ‘media centre’ app called Plex, used to organise people’s digital media collections, revealed plans to do more around music following a $10m funding round. Then, in 2020, it relaunched its music player application, Plexamp, for desktop and mobile.

Now the company has offered an update on what it’s doing around music recommendations. “We’ve added a sophisticated neural network which analyses your music library, powering amazing new features and improving existing ones,” explained the company in a blog post.

The software is drilling into ‘sonic similarity’ to identify albums and tracks that sound alike. Features including personalised mixes and album / track-based radio stations are also part of this. All of which is familiar from the music streaming world, but it will be welcome for people who still prefer to maintain their own collections of digital music.

Written by: Stuart Dredge