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Live music has been up and running at a greater scale for around a month now, in the UK. The Music Venue Trust (MVT) has been using that time to canvass opinions from music fans and venues alike about the return.

Among the findings from the 1,891 fans surveyed: 76.3% of them were double-vaccinated; and 91.3% had chosen to take some kind of precaution before attending a live music event – either waiting for their second jab or taking a test beforehand for example.

They were also asked about how they feel about music events requiring ‘certification of health status’ for attendees: 8.9% would like to see this, but only 2.1% wanted that certification to be double vaccination (as opposed to pre-event testing).

As for venues, the MVT’s survey found that 86% of grassroots venues are now open and trading, with 817 venues having put on more than 13k shows in the last month. However, just over two thirds reported that their advance ticket sales are down compared to pre-Covid-19, and more than half are taking less money from their bars.

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