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So you say you’re tired of Zoom meetings? What if you could do them in virtual reality instead, as a legless avatar? Thanks to Facebook, you can… Its Oculus division has unveiled Horizon Workrooms, initially as an open beta for its own Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

“Using features like mixed-reality desk and keyboard tracking, hand tracking, remote desktop streaming, video conferencing integration, spatial audio, and the new Oculus Avatars, we’ve created a different kind of productivity experience,” is the pitch. They don’t explain what happened to the legs, mind.

Twitter had some fun dunking on the idea yesterday, but actually there are some very interesting ideas in Horizon Workrooms in its first iteration, from the spatial audio to the way you can still see your physical desk and use your computer.

The tech will also let people join meetings by video call, if they don’t have a VR headset. Donning a face-computer helmet for a meeting may seem a stretch now, but the ideas here may influence future remote-working technology, as mixed reality devices become even more accessible.

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