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Our latest Music Ally Focus podcast is out this morning: an interview with Rebecca Versteegh, head of music partnerships at Gen-Z marketing agency Creed Media. It has worked on TikTok campaigns for all three major labels, and in the show she talks about how artists are operating on the social app.

“TikTok is becoming a standard part of any marketing plan for an artist… It’s definitely becoming mainstream to use the platform, but as the content on the platform is broadening, people are also getting less intimidated by the platform,” she said. “So as an artist, you don’t have to go in and do these cringy challenges or dances. You can really be yourself and be very expressive on the platform. And the more actual artists are realising that, and the general public is realising that, the more the platform gets accepted within marketing and with artists, but also with the general public.”

Listen to the full podcast (or find links to it on your platform of choice) here.

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