AI music startup Aimi’s app gets an artist-focused update


We reported on the launch of Aimi in May 2020: it was an app for streaming electronic music which used “AI to generate music using real beats created by real artists”. Its latest update is interesting: under the banner of ‘Aimi+’ it is a premium tier that will offer music from a selection of artists.

Appleblim, Black Loops, Shanti Celeste and Tensnake are among those taking part. The startup is flagging this up as AI-human collaborations, with artists providing beats, loops and other musical fragments, which Aimi’s AI then arranges into continuous mixes generated on the fly for listeners.

In that sense, it’s similar to what another AI startup, Endel, has been doing with musicians including Grimes and Plastikman.

The bigger trend here is of AI as a collaborator for professional artists, rather than a threat to their livelihoods.

Stuart Dredge

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