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Spotify’s flagship podcaster Joe Rogan has taken a lot of criticism in recent years: over his vaccine views, his choice of guests and so on. The latest criticism may hurt the most however: The Verge claims that “going exclusive stunted Rogan’s power… the powerful podcaster’s influence has waned since he went behind Spotify’s wall. His show has declined as a hype vehicle for guests, and Rogan’s presence as a mainstay in the news has plummeted”.

The caveat is that this analysis is not based on actual listening figures, since Spotify has not released any since signing Rogan’s show. Instead, the piece is based on the post-appearance Twitter following growth of guests;  Google searches for ‘Joe Rogan’; and the growth in subscribers to his YouTube channel.

This data is interesting, but the key metric would be monthly listeners. And secondarily, of course, the piles of cash (measured in ‘sacks’ or ‘height’ perhaps?) that Spotify is paying Rogan for whatever influence hit he’s taking in the wider digital world.

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