PPL and Veva Sound to tackle inaccurate recordings metadata


We’re caught between ‘painting the Forth Bridge’ and ‘playing whack-a-mole’ as the best metaphor for the music industry’s work fixing dodgy metadata. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two: an endless task with new problems popping up regularly. More positively, a lot of companies are trying to tackle this challenge, with the latest example a partnership between UK-based PPL and archivals firm Veva Sound.

It’s based on the latter’s new service Veva Collect: a ‘secure, cloud-based filesharing credits platform’. It’s working with PPL to make sure that the International Performer Number (IPN) of recording artists is part of its metadata, which in turn should ensure that recordings credits have the accurate data that will get those musicians paid. PPL is the first ‘verification partner’ for Veva Collect.

Written by: Stuart Dredge