Abba reveal new album and plans for avatar-focused concerts


It’s putting a lot on the shoulders of one group – however legendary – to cheer the world up during a global pandemic. However, the outpouring of excitement on social media yesterday suggests Abba might be the band for the job. They announced a new album – ‘Voyage’ – and plans for a series of concerts in a specially-built venue in London next spring.

The four members of Abba have been motion-captured (by an “850-strong team from Industrial Light & Magic” no less) to perform as avatars at the concerts, backed by a live 10-piece band.

Demand for tickets will be ferocious, so it’s interesting to see how the registration process is being handled. People who pre-order the album will get first dibs on tickets on 5 September, while others who pre-register will get their chance to buy tickets on 6 September.

The campaign will stretch across other platforms too, of course. We reported on Abba joining TikTok earlier this week, and now co-founder Björn Ulvaeus has filmed some exclusive video clips for Spotify’s ‘This Is ABBA’ playlist.

Written by: Stuart Dredge