Facebook extends its licensed music catalogue to more gamers


Facebook Gaming is the social network’s hub for gaming creators – as in people playing games for an audience, rather than games developers. Just like on Twitch, many of those gamers would like to use background music in their livestreams and videos, but that can create licensing issues. Now Facebook, perhaps with a crafty eye on Twitch’s recent troubles with rightsholders, has announced an extension of its licensed music library for gaming.

This builds on its original launch in September 2020, with a catalogue of pre-cleared music for creators to use. Now that is being expanded to more people.

“All Partner and Level Up Creators can now play background music during their gaming livestreams on Facebook Gaming — including clips made from a livestream and the VOD versions of livestreams,” announced Facebook, noting that it now has deals with UMG, WMG, Sony Music, Kobalt, BMG and Merlin among other rightsholders.

“A few restricted tracks aren’t licensed for use on Facebook Gaming, but they’re rare,” explained the company. And also: “We’ve gotten a lot better at telling the difference between music in the background of your gaming stream, like when there’s simultaneous gameplay or voiceover (allowed) vs. music that’s the focus of your livestream, like a radio show (not allowed).”

Written by: Stuart Dredge