It’s nothing to do with music – yet – but startup Playbyte is an inventive mash-up of some of 2021’s big consumer tech trends. It’s described by TechCrunch as aiming to become ‘the TikTok for games’, with an iOS app that offers a feed of casual, fun mobile games to play.

“All you have to do is play what you like and skip what you don’t and you’ll find an endless feed of games that feels personalised for you,” as the App Store listing explains.

However, it’s also quite a lot like Roblox, in that users of the app are encouraged to not just play games, but make and share their own. They can quickly grab “trending” art and backgrounds, create their own items and rules, and make their games available for the community to play.

“If you have an idea — like an image of a game in your mind — you should be able to very quickly search for new assets or piece together other ones you’ve previously saved,” said CEO Kyle Russell.

It’s early days: Playbyte has $4m in funding but has only just launched its app commercially. But if it takes off, there could be marketing opportunities for music.

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