Blokur boss talks music data and startup challenges


Blokur CEO Phil Barry has been talking about the startup’s evolution, in an appearance at the Music Ally China Digital Summit this morning.

The company now processes data for around 70m songs from “trillions of streaming interactions” for its major and independent music clients, as well as for digital music services.

“We’ve created all these brilliant ways of distributing content around the world, but we haven’t seen the same revolution in the way that the value comes back to the creator,” he said. “Blokur is trying to fill that gap.”

The company has built its database of music rights, and a system for matching usage of music on digital services to the underlying compositions.

Barry’s talk also focused on the differences between copyright law in China, where there is a single publishing right rather than a split into performance and mechanicals, and the rest of the world. He also explained that Blokur is working with a number of startups in areas like fitness, gaming and social apps.

“One of the things that’s challenging for the platform is to actually know what music have I licensed? What are the songs that I can actually make available on the platform?” he said. “Having data of the sort that Blokur works with allows you to say okay, I’ve got licenses from these three people, this is the music that I can make available.”

The Music Ally China Digital Summit, in association with MQA and sponsored by Blokur and Fuga, runs until this Thursday (9 September) and you can still register here for a free ticket to watch its sessions.

Stuart Dredge

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