Social music app Mayk·it launches with $4m in seed funding


The latest app hoping to open music creation up to a wider audience is Mayk·it, co-founded by former TikTok and Snap employees.

The company has raised a $4m seed funding round from investors including Spotify’s original chief marketing officer Sophia Bendz and artist T-Pain. The company has released its iOS app with a waiting list system for initial users.

“Create your own songs in our virtual music studio that comes with beats, professional voice filters, and other easy to use editing tools to help you drop bangers,” is the pitch. So, various beats are supplied, and users can sing over the top to create their tracks, before sharing them in the app’s built-in community – complete with charts tracking popularity.

According to TechCrunch’s profile, Mayk·it is already thinking about the rights implications of people exporting tracks to release commercially: it wants beatmakers to get 50% of the income, and singers the other 50%.

Written by: Stuart Dredge