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We’ve written about a lot of new income streams for musicians in recent years, but this is a first: a “collection of weaponized color and sound” from artist Zedd.

Thankfully not real-world weapons though: these are virtual guns (and a knife) for the game Valorant, which is published by an increasingly familiar company for the music industry: Riot Games.

It’s the game’s first ever ‘skin collaboration’ (skins being the virtual items that change the appearance of characters, or in this case items, in games) and is called ‘Spectrum’. You can watch the (somewhat dramatic) reveal in this video published by Riot Games yesterday.

This isn’t just about flashy weapons though: it’s about the audio that comes with them, created by Zedd, including tunes that play depending on whether players win, lose or get the final kill.

Billboard has more on that with an interview. “At no point did we think, Let’s just slap my logo on this,” said Zedd.

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