Mobile games giant Supercell is dabbling in music too


Supercell is the Finnish company behind mobile games including Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars. Although its revenues have slipped from its peak of $2.3bn in 2016, it still made nearly $1.5bn last year.

Now, like fellow games publisher Riot Games, Supercell is getting into music. Well, it’s dabbling: releasing a single called ‘We Won’t Cooperate’ by fictional group Bad Randoms as an offshoot from Brawl Stars.

It’s been a modest success on YouTube, with more than 8.6m views so far. However, the company appears to have also run into some legal issues: the song has been removed from streaming services including Spotify.

“Some legal stuff but we believe it was a misunderstanding (because we literally composed and wrote the song, so it would be weird if someone else is claiming it’s their, haha,” tweeted Supercell’s community manager in response to a question about it. “We are already in touch with the claimant to get this solved.”

With Riot Games having expanded to a number of inventive music projects, we’ll be interested to see if Supercell has more ambitions too once this initial headache is sorted.

Written by: Stuart Dredge