Sonicly launches its music crowdfunding platform in beta


There’s a new music crowdfunding platform in town: Sonicly.

It has launched in invitation-only beta, co-founded by Andrew Eisele (a former executive at TargetSpot, Medialets and JW Player) and Brian Camelio, who besides being a musician and producer also founded another crowdfunding firm, ArtistShare.

That’s not where the music crowdfunding veterans end either. One of Sonicly’s advisors is Benji Rogers, founder of PledgeMusic. Having left that company long before its controversial demise, then returned to try to rescue it, he’ll have plenty of lessons to share with Sonicly’s founders.

The latter company’s pitch is all about flexibility: a cross between Kickstarter and Patreon where artists create a series of project-based campaigns, with fans able to support “regardless of funding target” – in other words, even if a project misses its target, they can choose for their contribution to still be paid to the artist.

Written by: Stuart Dredge