Startup Singdaptive would like to teach the world to sing


Thanks to Yousician, Smule and other apps, there’s a renewed interest in music education startups. The latest example is Singdaptive.

Based in Canada, it has just emerged from a year-long beta of a service that teaches people to sing with a roster of 21 vocal coaches. The training happens asynchronously, with subscribers assigned an instructor, who then watches the videos they upload of their singing exercises, and recommends further lessons accordingly.

Subscribers? Yes, Singdaptive is operating a two-pronged model: a standard package costs $24.99 a month, while a premium tier costs $99 a month, offering “additional customisable learning and unlimited exchanges with instructors”.

The company’s investors include Charles Huang, the co-founder of Guitar Hero developer Red Octane. Clearly, there may also be potential here for partnerships with music rightsholders (for licensing) and artists (for celebrity lessons) as other music education startups have explored.

Written by: Stuart Dredge