Roblox’s new age-verification feature could be good for music


The fact that tens of millions of children love Roblox has been the engine for the gaming platform’s growth, but as it looks to do more with music, that does present a challenge. How can it put on concerts by artists with less child-friendly lyrics, for example, if there’s a risk that a bunch of 11 year-olds will turn up?

However, Roblox has been working on that, testing a new age verification feature that will let players confirm that they are over 13, and thus access features restricted to that age group.

For now this isn’t about music – the first such restricted feature is voice chat according to The Verge – but you can imagine a future where certain musical events on Roblox are also restricted to over-13s.

We wonder if Roblox might face some pushback – from parents or indeed from regulators – about the way its verification process requires uploading an “ID card, driver’s licence, or passport” as well as a selfie.

The company says it will “not retain any data” from the process, so we’ll see how that goes down.

Stuart Dredge

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