Discord is testing its own integration of YouTube videos


YouTube has been taking down some of the big music ‘bots’ that stream music from its service into social app Discord. Groovy and Rythm shut down in August and September.

As we noted at the time, their popularity – the bots were installed on 16m and 20m Discord servers respectively – showed a demand for music within Discord’s ecosystem.

Now Discord is testing its own YouTube integration called ‘Watch Together’, which – we think – is less likely to fall foul of YouTube’s terms of service.

Why? Because it embeds the full videos (ads included) rather than just the music audio.

“A test of a similar Discord feature started 10 months ago before disappearing and resurfacing as Watch Together today,” reported The Verge. “We understand the company has re-prioritized this particular feature due to the recent music bot shutdowns.”

Stuart Dredge

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