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You can expect to hear a lot about the ‘Global Climate Strike’ today: the latest day of action aiming to hold politicians’ feet to the (increasingly literal) fire of the climate emergency.

There are also efforts going on around that, including an open letter to a group of the biggest technology and entertainment industry companies signed by musicians, actors and other public figures. Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Dua Lipa, Shakira, Lorde, Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendes and Barbra Streisand are among the artists involved.

“Scientists warn that if we fail to act now, every single one of us will feel the impacts, a billion people will be displaced, and low-income people and communities of color will continue to be hit first and worst. Right now, we have a critical window of opportunity to do something about it. And we need all hands on deck to demand that our leaders protect the people we love and the places they live before it’s too late,” urged the letter.

“As the top leaders of the entertainment industry—one of the nation’s most powerful and influential business sectors—you are needed to lead our community’s call for action and embrace this vision for a better world… Congress needs to hear you demand, unequivocally, that it put forward and pass the most ambitious climate change agenda in U.S. history.”

That alludes to legislation on the table – but facing a bumpy passage through the US Congress – to up the country’s efforts around the climate emergency. It’s a topic that we’ve been trying to cover more regularly too: you can find our archives here, and our February Music Ally TV show focusing on sustainability and the music industry here.

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