Spotify Tap expands the streaming service’s hardware ambitions


Spotify makes its own music-playing hardware these days, but actually its strategy remains as much about partnerships with established gadget-makers. Its latest initiative there is called Spotify Tap, a feature that’s being included in headphones from companies including Samsung, Bose, Microsoft, Skullcandy and Jabra.

For listeners, it’s simple: they can pop their headphones on (or earphones in) and then tap on them to start playing whatever they were last listening to on Spotify. Call us cynics, but we’ll bet it won’t be available on Apple’s AirPods anytime soon…

There is some other news from Spotify this morning too: it has provided an update on its climate emergency plans, including joining the Exponential Roadmap initiative and UN Race to Zero initiatives to guide its plans to cut its emissions and work with suppliers who are doing likewise.

Finally, on a lighter note, Spotify has teamed up with Tinder to launch a ‘Date Night Playlist Generator‘ site.

Written by: Stuart Dredge