UMG works with MedRhythms on ‘music-based prescriptions’


Music/tech startups focusing on fitness have been getting major labels excited, but there’s another branch of the health sector where they see opportunities too: medical treatments.

One of the companies from that space, MedRhythms, has just signed a deal with Universal Music Group. It’s a company working on “direct stimulation digital therapeutics for walking” to help people who have injuries and diseases including stroke, MS, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Music plays a prominent role in the company’s technology: it offers “music-based prescriptions” that are personalised for its patients as they undergo their walking therapy. “We’re seeing the power of music harnessed to heal,” as UMG’s digital boss Michael Nash put it in a statement.

MedRhythms CEO Brian Harris presented at the NY:LON Connect conference early this year. “When the human brain hears music that we like to listen to – preferred music – it activates the parts of our brain that are responsible for movement, for language, for attention, for memory, for emotion,” he said then.

Stuart Dredge

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