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Copyright dispute resolutions! Now that’s something worth arguing about. Music/tech firm Pex wants to settle some of those arguments though, and it has partnered with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)’s arbitration and mediation centre to do it.

‘It’ being to create “an impartial human review system for copyright infringement to all of those who create and house content, including creators, rightsholders, and platforms”.

This will sit within Pex’s Attribution Engine service, drawing on the WIPO’s team of external copyright experts when there are disputes between creators, platforms and rightsholders over something that’s been uploaded.

For Pex, this is part of its pitch to user-generated content services that, unlike YouTube, don’t have tens of millions to plough into their in-house Content ID-style systems.

It’s part of WIPO’s ongoing engagement with music that has included its 2020 WIPO for Creators campaign, and a report earlier this year on ‘Artists in the Digital Music Marketplace‘.

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