Chartmetric explores the global growth of K-Pop music


Why is K-Pop so popular worldwide? The flippant three-word answer would be ‘BTS and Blackpink’ of course, but analytics firm Chartmetric has been digging deeper in its latest blog post. Not least by stripping out those two groups to ensure that their huge success doesn’t obscure what’s happening globally for artists slightly further down the K-Pop pyramid.

Chartmetric drew on data from Spotify, Instagram and YouTube to explore how the top 200 *other* K-Pop artists are growing worldwide, and it’s a good snapshot of the trends driving the global expansion of Korean music. Some of the findings are not surprising: south east Asia is big for K-Pop, and “catchy music, wholesome themes, attractive idols, and exciting dance routines” appear to be the key to its success.

There’s more though, particularly on K-Pop’s growth in Latin America. Mexico is a ‘trigger city’ for K-Pop for example, and its artists have been building on that with Spanish-language tracks and local collaborations. Read the full analysis here.

Stuart Dredge

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